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Electronic Suction Door

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

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The most sensitive

Passengers can't be able to close their doors or face their hands on their shoulders or bodies that can be shut down, with no need for power and a light door. The program is receptive to the sensing signal and the Ours program triggers a more sensitive, technological modern, craftsmanship

The more intelligent

Simply push the door, the system will take over the remaining work. High integrity, after repeated demonstration program structure design and circuit layout more reasonable, resulting in the process of closing the door without any stagnation, smooth completion of the work, not only reduces the volume of the locking device, but also to ensure the reliability of door lock.

The most human nature

You don't need to push it off, avoid the second injury of the car and switch to the car. More different we has been taking a more humane modern acoustics design philosophy of science, using the most modern analysis tools in solid and gas transmission noise, on the basis of the analysis will be most of all sound "out" to the outside of the car.

The most comfortable

Close the door slowly moves effortlessly, the ultimate experience hitherto unknown touch, Our products provide a more comfortable car experience, increase comfort, also let the door work more elegant, the female owner is also very convenient, just gently close the door to show, lady style.

without self suction function the function of self absorption of Our closed display

electric suction door

Get the full list at here.

V series
Download PDF • 91KB
M series
Download PDF • 107KB
Download PDF • 53KB
TA series
Download PDF • 83KB

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