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I am your Biz assistant for your Trade Power. Click my contact and add me on your partner list. It's easy. You will get good result.

HIKARI is specialized to solve difficulties by doing overseas trade of small and medium enterprises.

The Middle East, Europe, Asia

HIKARI formed a global network with its products through continuous partnerships with numerous countries. At the same time, the company is expanding the foundation for production lines as it promotes Auto brake pads and other Auto parts and accessories based on accumulated capabilities around the world.

High quality, technology, and trust

To meet these three conditions, HIKARI  has produced a wide range of products based on its 29years of knowhow, and has grown into a leading auto parts manufacturer while developing and producing Auto Parts and other products . We recently completed 4-stage Trade net works over the world , while also promoting HIKARI's superior technological prowess worldwide.

But we’re not finished.

We examine, test, and try once again before releasing every product.

HIKARI is a company that always thinks of safety first from a customer’s perspective.

Our efforts for safety are continuing to this day.

We are not only trading Company! 


I am already ready for your Biz.

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